FIRST Luxury specialise in sourcing authentic Hermès bags for an international elite clientele and are one of the most trusted and reliable resellers of Hermès bags and clutches. 

In addition to our online selection of Hermès bags, at your request we can also carry out a worldwide search for specific bags. This sourcing service is reserved exclusively for FIRST Luxury clients.

FIRST Luxury is proud to offer a transparent sourcing service. In order for us to handle sourcing requests efficiently and exclusively, we work solely on the basis of contracts. In the sourcing contract, you stipulate your deadline, budget and provide a description of the bag. Once the contract is signed, you place your full budget at our diposal to enable us to act on your behalf.

FIRST Luxury always negotiates the best possible price, and presents you with all of the options before making a final purchase on your behalf.

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FIRST Luxury is not an official partner of Hermès,
nor is it affiliated with or a licenced partner of the brand Hermès.
FIRST Luxury guarantees that all of its producs are authentic.
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